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Martin Luther King And Equanimity

Martin Luther King said to his adversaries, “We will wear you down by our capacity to suffer, to face suffering, and still not stop, still march, still tell the truth, still do what’s necessary to make the change.” Not being reactive is not being passive. It’s not a kind of stupidity, holding back or being disinterested, removing oneself from the world. Real equanimity isn’t indifference. It’s the capacity to be present with your whole being and not add fuel to the fire.

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Thinking Big: Martin Luther King And His Dream

Martin Luther King was a pivotal force in changing race relations in the United States. His 1963 speech “I Have a Dream” is still an inspiration. Listen to it today.

What do you remember about Martin Luther King?  If you learned about him in school, what were you taught? Why did he become a great leader?   Does he inspire you?

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