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Standardized Tests And No Child Left Behind

For years, the most debated issue about standardized tests in the schools was whether the tests were well-designed.

Now, some small government groups and teacher unions are attacking the requirement of standardized tests.

What is the danger of this new argument?

The advocates for eliminating standardized tests in schools rely, in part, on the test based goals invoked by the 2002 No Child Left Behind Law (NCLB).

However, as addressed in an earlier blog on this site, Congress is aiming to revise NCLB.

Many civil rights groups issued a joint statement opposing the repeal of the federal test mandate.
Prior to NCLB, school districts were able to gloss over the poor performance of some minorities. After NCLB, achievement gaps were exposed because the school districts had to publish the scores by ethnicity and poverty.

As a result, the disparities were glaring and many took action which resulted in performance improvement of poor and minority students.

How do you think the law can be improved? If you are an educator, what have you observed? If you are a parent, what are your concerns?

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