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DOJ Concludes Georgia Illegally Segregating Students With Disabilities

The Department of Justice (DOJ) concluded that the state of Georgia is illegally segregating students with disabilities and behavioral issues. DOJ conducted a two-year investigation.

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Washington State Attorney General Sues Student Loan Debt Firm

The Washington State Attorney General (AG) recently filed an action in state court against a student loan debt adjustment firm and its individual principal alleging that the firm charged illegal fees and failed to provide required disclosures in violation of the state’s Debt Adjusting Act (DAA) and Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

The lawsuit illustrates the need for firms providing student debt relief services to ensure that their fees, documentation, and other practices comply with applicable federal and state law.

The Washington AG’s action is another example of recent aggressive enforcement activity by regulators targeting the student debt relief industry. In January 2014, a student protection unit was established within New York’s Department of Financial Services to serve as a consumer watchdog for student borrowers. The unit has served subpoenas on student debt relief providers that allegedly charged borrowers high enrollment fees for services that were available free of charge through the U.S. Department of Education. Two student debt companies alleged to have engaged in similar conduct were the targets of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enforcement actions, one of which was filed jointly with the Florida AG.

See also, a recent blog on this site addressing debt servicers being terminated.

The Washington State AG alleges in the complaint that the DAA violations constitute unfair or deceptive practices in violation of the CPA. Relying on the DAA’s remedy provisions, the AG seeks an order requiring the firm to return all amounts obtained in violation of the DAA and CPA and pay a civil penalty of $2,000 for each CPA violation. (The AG alleges that the firm committed at least 144 violations, consisting of 88 consumers who paid an unlawful initial fee and 56 consumers who paid unlawful monthly fees.)

Sections by John L. Culhane, Jr., John Grugan, Alan S. Kaplinsky, Christopher J. Willis

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Howard University Announces Plan For Affordability And Degree Completion

Howard University plans to freeze tuition for all undergraduate and select graduate degree programs. Tuition rebates will be offered to students who earn their degree early or on time. Howard University is working to make college more affordable and hopes this plan will help with President Obama’s goal of having America as the leading country with the highest portion of college graduates by 2020.

What do you think about the University putting forth this plan?

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Why Are Women Losing Jobs And Men Gaining Jobs?

Men are regaining jobs faster and women are losing them, according to the Pew Research Center. The study found that men are making inroads in industries long dominated by women, such as nursing and teaching. The percentage of male nurses climbed from 9.5% in 2003 to 12.2% this year.

Men gained jobs at a faster rate than women in education and health services, professional and business services, and leisure and hospitality. In other sectors, including retail, finance, and federal government, men gained jobs while women lost jobs.

In each of the recovery periods since 1970, women have regained jobs at a faster rate than men within the first two years of the recovery. Between the end of the recession in June 2009 through May 2011, men gained 768,000 jobs and women lost 218,000 jobs.

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