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Atlanta Ranks Number One in Pledging To Reduce Energy Consumption

Atlanta has outpaced all other competitor cities that pledged to reduce energy consumption by 2020. Atlanta has more property square footage signed up in the program than any other city.

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Dragon Con Expected To Attract More Than 65,000 People to Atlanta

Predictions are that more than 65,000 people will be in downtown Atlanta over the Labor Day weekend as Dragon Con, the internationally known pop culture, science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention, returns for the 29th consecutive year.

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Randy Kessler and the Implications of the Ashley Madison Data Breach.

Divorce lawyers everywhere are already very familiar with the site since membership on it is almost sufficient proof of an affair by a spouse. Belonging to this dating site for married people (whose slogan is “Life is short, have an affair”) is usually enough to convince a judge, a mediator or your spouse that someone is cheating. Perhaps more importantly, divorce lawyers and therapists are acutely aware that the simple desire to cheat is even more offensive to a spouse than the actual act of cheating.

Prior to this breach, lawyers and clients have engaged private investigators, forensic computer analysts and others to see if their spouse belonged to the Ashley Madison site or had used its services. This breach may make it easier to learn who used it and who didn’t. But unfortunately, what this news may do is give Ashley Madison more publicity than it has ever had. Certainly they are not concerned that they are perceived as promoting adultery. In fact, they want the word to be spread and for people to use their site to help commit adultery. And anyone who uses their site must certainly realize that there are risks of being caught. What if the person they end up meeting on the site is someone they already know, or someone who knows their spouse? Or what if their spouse sees the site on their computer one day by accident?

As a divorce lawyer for over 25 years, I do not think this data breach will cause more divorce. Yes, that’s what I wrote. Those people who use Ashley Madison to have an affair and who were already headed toward divorce may get there faster now that their secret is out. But this hack or breach may actually have the effect of causing people to hesitate when using such a service. There are apparently nearly 40,000,000 users on Ashley Madison. There is no way that we will now see 40,000,000 divorces. And the bottom line is that affairs more often truly are the side effect of a bad marriage. Once someone elects to have an affair, the marriage is often in very serious trouble, if not already irretrievably broken. Yes more people will be “caught”, but perhaps that will actually save some marriages. Forcing the issue, making people address what they have done can often lead to reconciliation. The alternative is for the conduct to last so long that the parties become apathetic toward each other.

What this breach may do is to force legislatures to look more closely at this site. Perhaps laws will be generated that prohibit sites like Ashley Madison. Will the public rise up and demand that sites like Ashley Madison which promote infidelity (which is still a crime in some states) be prohibited? Who knows, but as with all social issues, sunlight remains the best disinfectant, and this data breach shed a lot of sunlight onto a lot of people’s activities. And maybe it will help? Maybe people will think more before they engage in relationships like those promoted or condoned by Ashley Madison.

But as for divorce lawyers, we certainly will now have an easier time proving someone had an affair, and that should save clients a lot of money they might have otherwise spent on private investigators. But other than that, human nature is human nature. Spouses will continue to cheat on each other, and they will continue to get caught.

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Filed under Above the law, Consider the Law, Let's Learn Something Polls Law Students For 25 Best Law Schools For Networking, an online graduate guide, polled over 10,000 former and current law school students to find out which US schools offer the best networking opportunities.

Participants rated programs on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the strongest. The students rated the faculty, peer, and alumni networks available to them while they were in school, and after they graduated. The scores were averaged and ranked to determine the programs with the best networking opportunities.

The best law schools for networking based based on the poll are:
School Location Quality of Network
Univ of Florida Gainesville Fl 9.90
Yale Univ New Haven Ct 9.87
Stanford Univ Stanford, Ca 9.83
Univ of Notre Dame Notre Dame In 9.50
Northwestern Univ Evanston Il 9.42
Univ of Calif Berkeley Ca 9.28
Univ of Houston Houston Tx 9.25
Harvard Univ Cambridge Ma 9.21
Univ of Southern Ca Los Angeles Ca 9.20
Univ of Colorado Boulder, Co 9.14
Florida State Univ Tallahassee Fl 9.12
Boston College Boston Ma 9.10
The Univ of Chicago Chicago Il 9.09
New York University New York, Ny 9.08
Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mi 9.06
Wake Forest Univ Winston-Salem Nc 9.00
Washington and Lee Lexington Va 8.93
Duke Univ Durham Nc 8.91
Columbia Univ New York, Ny 8.90
Univ of Virginia Charlottesville Va 8.87
Southern Methodist Univ Dallas Tx 8.83
Thomas Jefferson San Diego Ca 8.72
Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Nc 8.70
The University of Texas Austin Tx 8.50
Rutgers University Newark,Nj 8.45

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Online Graduate School Guide Polls Law Students For Best Law Schools For Financial Aid an online graduate school guide, polled over 10,000 former and current law school students to find out which U.S.schools offer the best financial aid packages and the smoothest application processes.

The schools were rated on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the strongest. The scores were then averaged and ranked to determine the top law schools for financial aid.

The results:
School. Location Financial Aid Quality

Yale University New Haven Ct 9.5
Drexel University Philadelphia Pa 9.10
University of Colorado Boulder Co 9.70
Case Western Reserve Cleveland Oh 8.62
Temple University Philadelphia Pa 8.50
Southern Methodist Dallas Tx 8.00
University of Florida Gainesville Fl 7.95
Univ of Maryland Baltimore Md 7.94
Univ of Southern Ca Los Angeles Ca 7.93
Univ of Notre Dame Notre Dame In 7.92
Univ of Arkansas Fayetteville Ar 7.90
Indiana University Bloomington In 7.83
Arizona State Univ Tempe Az 7.73
Univ of San Diego San Diego Ca 7.70
Univ of Minn Twin Cities Minn Mn 7.67
Florida A&M Univ Tallahassee Fl 7.65
Univ of Alabama Tuscaloosa Al 7.63
Univ of Wisconsin Madison Wi 7.50
Thomas Jefferson S of Law San Diego Ca 7.43
Pepperdine University Malibu Ca 7.40
Univ of the Pacific Stockton Ca 7.38
Univ of Penn Philadelphia Pa 7.33
Univ of Utah Salt Lake City Ut 7.17
Univ of Virginia Charlottesville Va 7.15

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Housing and Employment In Atlanta

In a review of cities with affordable housing and a strong employment market, Zillow, a real estate data company, ranks Atlanta as a favorable city offering both advsntages. According to Zillow, Atlanta offers a housing price-to-income ratio of 2.7, compared with 8.8 for San Francisco.

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New York Ranked Number One For Effectively Supporting Working Parents

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) grades each state in the country on paid leave and child care to reveal which locale supports families the most.

New York was  ranked Number One by the IWPR in a new report grading the lower 48 — plus Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia — on how effective each is in supporting working parents when it comes to paid leave and child care.

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